stacked mugs

stacked mugs - I keep collecting ideas for this Starbuck's -coffee-kind-of-art-project I've got brewing! Jeanette Carlstrom has wonderful, whimsical art on her page!

Peas in a pod

So many people ask that can dogs eat peas. Yes, dogs can eat peas that are not toxic to them. Peas are safe and vital food for dogs and humans as well

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20 awesome handprint projects **This is a cute idea to make and keep for next year, then every year make a new one to show how they've grown** by janie

Paardebloem maken.

Anthropologie Inspired Q-Tip Flowers

How to make tassel flowers - Make an easy DIY dandelion bouquest with yarn and pipe cleaners to delight someone you love. Perfect for weddings, parties and Mother's Day. (Diy Crafts With Yarn)