Photoshop Day Cream “What’s the secret of my success ? It’s Adobe Photoshop Day Cream”. Madonna at her current age probably colors her hair and has certainly had a nose job and possibly some face work, but nothing makes her cooler than the new Adobe Photoshop Day Cream :) Who wouldn’t want Photoshop Day Cream? It’s like a perfectly professional edited photograph but it’s on your face!

027018_full.jpg (2304×3456)Martin Holek

027031_full.jpg (2304×3456)Martin Holek

027032_full.jpg (2304×3456)Martin Holek

027033_full.jpg (2304×3456)Martin Holek

025382_full.jpg (3456×2304)Martin Holek

025374_full.jpg (3456×2304)Martin Holek

025511_full.jpg (2592×3872) Martin Holek

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