Gender and Family Relations

The Tangle of the Sexes

The Mars/Venus view of men and women describes a world that does not exist, at least here on earth.

Gender Roles in Media

Gender stereotypes in mass media. Case study: Analysis of the gender stereotyping phenomenon in TV commercials

Religion and Patriarchy

The Future of Religion: Shared values, inclusivity, and an emphasis on genuine mysticism

Men and Masculinity

The endemic gun violence in the black community can be directly traced back to the wholly irresponsible image of black masculinity which is fed to us through music.

Men and Masculinity

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Power Politics and Law

We investigate gender gaps in political participation with 2004 ISSP data for 18 advanced Western democracies (N: using linear and logistic regression models.

Power Politics and The Law

Gender Roles in Politics

Gender Roles in Media

Gender Roles

Gender Roles news and opinion

Women and Patriarchal Religion

Women and Patriarchal Religion

Gender, Religion, Music Genre, Faith

Gender and the Workplace

Gender Differences in the Workplace & Statistics