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a wooden shelf sitting on top of a floor next to drawers
Crate rack - #Crate #Rack
empty wooden shelves in the corner of a room with tile flooring and white walls
Farmhouse Pantry DIY and Open Shelving - fleeceandfurrow
a workbench with lots of drawers and tools
Storage of nails without sawdust in the bins - DIY Home Decor | Better Homes & Gardens
a close up of an object on a table with other items around it and a knife sticking out of the top
A Beverage Dispenser
Greetings!!For the lack of a better description, I decided to name this 'ible "A Beverage Dispenser". This is not an original idea as I've seen a similar one on a different site. This is just my version.**Update#2: Adding a section explaining how to place a bottle into this contraption.**Update #1: I got a message from 'ible member JordanB104 who has a different dispenser on his etsy. Please check out his original design. www.etsy.com/shop/manmadeforman...
an old water faucet sitting on top of a wooden table
A Beverage Dispenser
A Beverage Dispenser - All
an old tv sitting on top of a wooden pallet next to a trash can
Repurposed Pallet Into a Do-It-Yourself Bench
Get the High-End Look with DIY Pallet Furniture :: Hometalk 12 projects.
a man standing next to a wooden box with darts in it
Make This: Custom DIY Dart Board Set
DIY Pallet Dart Board Other Pallet Projects
a table made out of wood with the letters i and v carved into it's sides
Backlit Pallet Automotive Logo Wall Art • 1001 Pallets
Backlit Pallet Automotive Logo Wall Art Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting
an outdoor water storage system made out of barrels
Home of the MPV TT | Rain Harvesting
Rain catch Más
several bicycles are hanging on the wall
Creative DIY Bike Storage Racks • OhMeOhMy Blog
‘Good Ideas for You’ shows us how to make this DIY bike rack from a shelf, a pole, and some straps and hooks. Read down to the bottom of the page to find the link for the full tutorial.