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Cadillac Hotel Edward Hopper?                                                                                                                                                      More

Cadillac Hotel, Though different in style than Edward Hopper, Register has in common with him the use of interiors as subject matter, and a sense of the alienation of modern man that has been nearly universal in Century art, whether abstract of realistic.

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper 1942 - Edward Hopper – Wikipedie

Edward Hopper Nighthawks, Oil on canvas, 33 x 60 in. x cm), The Art Institute of Chicago; Friends of American Art Collection © Heirs of Josephine N. Hopper, licensed by the Whitney Museum of American Art. Photography © The Art Institute of Chicago.

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‘David Bowie Smoking Gun’ by Tony McGee

810 (810×1215)

Exclusive David Bowie photographs by Geoff MacCormack go on sale

Exclusive David Bowie photographs by Geoff MacCormack go on sale

One of David Bowie& oldest and closest friends, Geoff MacCormack, who toured with the rock star during the Seventies, reveals intimate and iconic snapshots.

This Drag King’s David Bowie Looks Are Out of This World

“So much of drag is about playing with ideas about identity and gender, and Bowie is such a great subject for that.

bruce-weber-exhibition-david-bowie-ss01.jpg (468×590)

David Bowie, South Africa, Photograph by Bruce Weber via .A Glimpse at Bruce Weber's Newest Photography Exhibition - vanityfair