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This presentation dedicated to whom who are UX designers / students or entrepreneurs. I tried to give minor detail about UX (User Experience) myths and mistake…

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I am the kind of person who would enjoy working this out // algebraic phone numbers


This is so true. No one can decide and control your life except you. It's either you choose to be on the bright side, or stay on the dark side of life. It's your choice. Everyday you have the opportunity to choose.

reputace a direct mail

reputace a direct mail

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"Smart ideas for smarter cities" IBM turns its ads into useful urban furniture. Cr: Cool Thing Fan Page

Co dokážete vyždímat z Google Analytics pro svůj obsah

Prezentace k konference Content First www.cz/akce/content-first/

no to neeee

no to neeee

15 Employer branding best practices to focus on in 2015

Website of Brett Minchington, International Employer Brand Strategist, Corporate Advisor, Author and Educator.

People don’t leave companies. They leave leaders!

Due to the incredible success of mobile phone, people keep on accessing gmail account all the time. To solve common issues in your mobile, take help from gmail customer service.

Netradiční pivní životopis

When Canadian graphic designer Brennan Gleason needed to get more work he relied on his home brewing as much as his design skills. His blonde ale “Gleason’s Résum-ale”, came packaged in boxes with his résumé printed on them,.