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there are many pieces of cloth on the floor with toy figures around it and an open book in the background
the world map is drawn in black and white, with different areas to each side
El relieve de la Tierra
Ven y conoce tu mundo: El relieve de la Tierra
the world map is shown in black and white
Pin de Ewa Gieniusz em Zapisane na szybko em 2022 | Atividade sobre identidade, Pasta de professor, Geografia
a world map made out of children's pictures
the world map is made out of colored paper
Poznajemy kontynenty - Szkolne Inspiracje
the earth is made up of lines and dots to make it look like an airplane
WHOLE WORLD Prewriting Booklet | PDF
the text on the phone is clearly visible for us to see in english and spanish
sheet music with the words'skolaa zu nam nava '