Helena Krycnarová

Helena Krycnarová

Helena Krycnarová
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Rays Birdhouses made from Reclaimed Barn Materials

Rays Birdhouse are absolutely beautiful. These Birdhouses are made from reclaimed materials from old barns in and around Midwestern Ontario. The birds will absolutely love their new home when you erect Ray Birdhouse made from reclaimed barn materials.

Recycle ~ Reuse ~ Re-purpose ~ Reinvent  The "OK" Flip Flop Thong Sandal is…

"Recycle ~ Reuse ~ Re-purpose ~ Reinvent The "OK" Flip Flop Thong Sandal is created from Re-purposed Blue Jean Denim and embellished with Sparkling Authentic Austrian Swarovski Crystals & Re-Claimed Embroidery. Using a Teva Mandlyn Base.


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