love the placement

Faith, script tattoo love this spot on my back! definetely want this but have it say have faith and maybe in another patterns design

live- placement. simple. love.

Like placement and simplicity. live, side tattoos, rib tattoo, one word tattoos, small tattoo

What to know about wrist tattoos

Must know for all tattoo lovers! This isn't entirely true depending on how one's skin holds and reacts to the ink will determine how long it last. Just some good information to pass on to those who want a wrist tattoo.

Hot. It's just a hot photo, that's all. I don't want something that takes up my entire back though...if I did...but I don't.

Gun pistol rose on wings back piercing tattoos sleeves chest stretch tattoo ink inked body modification

Rustic Baby's Breath Gypsophila Wedding Decor Ideas /

90 Rustic Budget-friendly Gypsophila Baby’s Breath Wedding Ideas

Rustic Baby's Breath Gypsophila Wedding Decor Ideas /

beautiful wrist and hand bird tattoo .

Bird tattoos are one of the sweetest and loved tattoo designs, because of its meanings and the beauty when it is inked on the body. There are different birds which carry different messages depending on the placement. Bird tattoo that is inked on the arm o