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a paper cut out of a woman's face
Five Senses Craft - Sense of Taste Tongue Map visit www.letsgetreadyforkindergarten.com
two children's drawings are hanging on the wall
Health and Hygine
* Snip verkouden...
an image of two people standing in front of each other and one person sitting on the ground
Testrészek (kiscsoport)
Óvodás Gyerekek: Testrészek (kiscsoport)
children's handmade paper cutouts depicting different people in striped shirts and hats
Pod peřinou - zdravý, nebo nemocný.
a skeleton made out of toilet paper on a yellow wall next to a sign that says kostra
OA 5 - Crear modelo de esqueleto mediante materiales reciclados, identificando los huesos más importantes.