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a poster with different types of words in french, english and spanish on black background
The accents in French
#français #frenchwords #frenchvocabulary #frenchgrammar #parlerfrançais #frenchexpressions #apprendrefrancais
the words in french are written on white paper with black lettering and an orange flower
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a poster with the words ta boque est bien fotue your house is beautiful
Ta bicoque est bien foutue - Argot
an illustrated poster with different animals and their names in french, including the words les animal sauvages
a poster with three men in uniforms on it
the parts of a bathroom labeled in french
a green and white sign that says,'manger to eat'in different languages
Language Ramblings
a pink poster with the words how to talk like a true parisian in english and french
french that irritates - how to give someone attitude like a true native language
French sassy phrases
the phrase phrases you should know are in red, white and blue text on a white background
the french words are in different languages
two french words are shown in the same language
the words in french and english are next to each other