Tereza Heišteinová

Tereza Heišteinová

Tereza Heišteinová
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In the darkness of the night, she appeared, she looked at the clear as day sky to see no moonlight at all. "Good." She sneered as she froze as still as a statue. She then held her hands in place, waiting for the magic to happen, and it did. Electric lightning morsels morphed from her palms, smoke odor stenched the scene.

Little lighting girl Lightening bolts between her hands playing

Give me the power by ~Pure-Flake on deviantART

She was no longer a scared girl. The storm became her, and she became the storm. Lightning, rain, and clouds formed her. She was a raging storm.

Wasserdrache aus Wasser ^^

I cupped my hands together and willed the water to take the form of a dragon, willed it to take form of the creature I imagined myself to be.