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Find yourself and set yourself free. How to let go of expectations, fears, and busyness--and get back in touch with your true self.

Find yourself & set yourself free. Five little lessons on slowing down, listening for the voice inside you, and figuring out who you are.

Can we hit the reset button in life? Yes, we can! Use these steps to create some breathing space, make better decisions and begin anew.

How to hit the reset button in life and begin again. Inspiration and tools to help you succeed and create positive change.

Shawn in Paris, 24/05/17 He's so cute! ❤❤❤

I mean whoever gets married to Shawn and has a family with him is so blessed.

literallyshawn-m: “please don’t go ”

Imagine you are playing your sports( idk if you play match sports) and you and your team win( or only you if you don't play team sports) and Shawn is in the crowd there like: THAT'S MY GIRL! clapping and cheering for you💕

"One thing I struggle with regularly, especially as an INFJ mother, is the tendency to get overstimulated. We INFJs and INTJs live so completely in our heads that outside stimuli, if not pleasant, can be incredibly stressful. Unlike sensors, who are more focused on the world around them and what’s happening around them, INFJs are often focused internally, where they are constantly thinking of ideas, concepts, strategies, and symbols."…

Are INFJs and INTJs more likely to get overstimulated? Ni-Dominant MBTI types usually struggle with an overload of sensory stimulation, and are more likely to be clasified as Highly-Sensitive People.