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Geralt: Igni by on @DeviantArt

Digital Painting Inspiration Vol.

Warden's Armour. Kind of annoyed you never get to actually wear it (or at least I haven't) but...:

Grey Warden armor from Dragon Age.

full tutorial go here -

How to draw Jensen/Dean

Human scarred adventurer

character sketch by dustsplat on DeviantArt -- sensing a trend of side shaves with female sci fi characters but I'm kinda digging it

For honor comp 2

If it was more blue and had a florescent look then this would totally be Frost Hooded Knight, Michael Lueckhof on ArtStation at…

Tutorial: Painting Gold by FOERVRAENGD on DeviantArt. This is a helpful tutorial for when I colour the few golden bits on my character.

Star Wars

Boba Fett by TyrineCarver and Wil Woods I know if we’re going by pure movie canon, he was pretty useless… but I can’t help but love this ol’ sumabitch.

rpg settings : Photo

Shield Maiden by Banjiu E'vik

Risultati immagini per Aasimar

Pin by Valerie Laws on Fantasy Art Gallery

08e3d9786b4574c6ce0a181cb2f735e9--the-elder-scrolls-character-art.jpg (736×1226)

Closed beta for The Elder Scrolls: Legends kicks off today