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Weiteres - Tischgestecke,3er Set,Kugeln mit Rose,Silber - ein Designerstück von die-mit-den-blumen-tanzt bei DaWanda
P.B.Shelley once said ‘ if winter comes, can spring be far behind?’ Yes. Though it’s cold outside, we look forward to a warm season. We welcome spring. Before spring comes, we can prepare some flower arrangements for home decorations or some special occasions. Today we have collected some DIY projects for you to learn how …
Lovely floral design
Try Roses in a Fishbowl!
Floral Art
submerged flower centerpieces | Single Glass Vase Wedding Centerpiece – Flower Vase Centerpieces
Artist: David Tortosa Esparza
So pretty!! I like the idea of putting flowers into a lantern instead of just around it!
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