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a watercolor painting of a cat sitting on a rock looking off into the distance
Olga Babich on Instagram: “"Лёва", бумага /акварель, 38х 43 см. В жизни никогда не любила оранжевый цвет, он всегда был у меня где-то в конце, а котов рыжих люблю…”
a painting of a grey cat with yellow eyes and whiskers on it's fur
a painting of a cat's face with blue eyes and white fur on it
a painting of a cat looking up at the sky
a cat laying on top of a window sill
a painting of a cat that is looking at something
a painting of a man holding a cat in front of a field of sunflowers
a painting of a woman laying in bed with a cat and dog on her back
Art by Vicky Mount
Art by Vicky Mount
a man sitting at a table with a cat drinking out of a coffee cup next to him
MOUNT, Vicky, Scottish artist: -- 'Arthur’s Morning'.
an image of a cat laying on top of a bed next to a man with cats
two black cats floating on top of water lilies and lilypads in the sky
a painting of a black cat in water with lily pads
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