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Paul Franck calligraphy book archive!  Kunstrichtige Schreibart : allerhand Versalie[n...

The Proper Art of Writing: a compilation of all sorts of capital or initial letters of German, Latin and Italian fonts from different masters of the noble art of writing.

If this is real, I want it.

This is such an amazing idea. I've already thought of two things it might be useful for: a) No headphone cords when running. b) No headphone cords if you fall asleep (just in case they get wrapped around your neck)

Calligraphy by Pokras Lampas

example of contemporary blackletter Pokras Lampas stuns me yet again with a beautiful display of blackletter mixed with gorgeous filigree and a delectable color palette

om mani padme hum

Om Mani Padme Hum - The perfect chanting mantra to feel inner peace. 6 sacred syllables to represent the purification of the six realms of existence: OM: Sacred nature - MANI: The jewel - PADME: Lotus - HUM: Compassion syllabe

Calligraphy by Renato Molnar, via Behance

I could just run with this as is it looks so aesthetically pleasing. but white or chrome on black or this photoshopped to look engraved would suit me.