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a red book with the marine seal on it's cover and words that read, semper fi marine
Pin by Traci Smith on º☆ USMC ☆º | United states marine corps, Marine corps, Marine
US Marines | Semper Fi Marine ☆ | Marines | Pinterest
the emblem for semper fiedlis is shown on a shield with two swords
Very nice :)
some people live an entire life time and wonder if they have ever made a different world but the marines don't have that problem - ronald reagan
Happy birthday United States Marine Corps!
an american flag with the words marine on it, in front of a black background
an image of a marine emblem with the words marines don't know the meaning of the
an image with the words, you can take them from the cops but you'll never
the words are written in white on a black background with an image of a marine
the back of a man's jacket with an image of a marine seal on it
there is no such thing as an marine
Only another Marine understands this!
the word usmc written in gold letters with an american flag behind it on a black background
marine's day coloring page with an american flag and two men on horseback holding flags
Marine Bulldog by TwinStallion on DeviantArt
an army poster with the words marines making things safe for the army