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two white macrame tassels hanging from a brown cord on a black surface
Simple DIY Macrame Necklace
Simple DIY Macrame Necklace - Lia Griffith
a wind chime made out of driftwood and glass beads on a white wall
Driftwood Wind Chime Tutorial » Homemade Heather
two green beads are sitting in a shell next to a pair of scissors and a keychain
AMareeBasseVendee | Etsy
Etsy :: Acheter, vendre et vivre Handmade.
the beach is my happy place sign hanging on a measuring ruler with words written on it
several different types of keychains and other items on a table with words written on them
Legni di mare e riciclo creativo: 20 idee semplici da realizzare
Legni di mare da riciclare: 20 idee da semplici da realizzare
a white shell with a starfish on it is sitting on a rock and has a key chain attached to it
AMareeBasseVendee - Etsy France
several seashells and shells are hanging from gold chains on a white surface with a piece of driftwood in the foreground
Diy Wooden Projects of 2023
Driftwood Harbour Cottages DIY, Driftwood Art, Driftwood Crafts, Driftwood DIY
three seashells are hanging from the side of two bookends with rope
a person holding a vase with designs on it
Mr Milly’s ceramic bearded pot in the making
Paper Bag Stars 🤍
a wind chime hanging from a tree branch with beads and shells attached to it
Bewitching Mobile...
a person holding a needle in their hand with the label on it that says dremel
Tile drill bit for drilling holes in rocks
a person is painting rocks on a table
Mehndi Inspired Mandala Tutorial
WATCH ME PAINT...mandala painting and drawing tutorial that you can use for painting rocks..step by step written instructions!
a hand holding a black and white rock with the word be kind written on it
How to Paint Rocks – How To-sday
The Kindness Rocks Project is challenging us to spread random acts of kindness by hiding a million painted rocks. Learn how to paint rocks and get started!
how to drill pebbles with an electric toothpick and nail polisher
How to Drill Stone Pebbles
How to Drill Pebbles and small beach or garden stones by Eternal Tools. This follow along tutorial is full of tips and makes drilling holes into pebbles nice and easy. It shows the equipment you'll need, top tips along the way and some inspiring work by other artists who use pebbles and stones in their jewellery and craft work.