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Easy cat shelf DIY
If you are looking for quick and easy ideas to change something in your apartment in my link in bio you can find a lot of cool items that will help you with this, I keep my fingers crossed and good luck <3 <3 PS.: It's a super fun creator you can see more of his videos in the link, credit: through.the.lleaves
the shelves are made out of wooden boxes
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Cute cats are captured in this adorable image as they enjoy drinking water from a fake waterfall. The cascading water creates a mesmerizing effect and the cats seem to be thoroughly enjoying the experience. The image showcases their playful nature and their love for water. These furry felines are the perfect companions for anyone who appreciates the beauty and charm of cats. #CuteCats #WaterfallAdventures #FelineFun #PlayfulPets
How to make a cat scratcher
Difficulty: Easy Tools • Doormat • Thrifted frame (with backing)
a cat standing on its hind legs in front of a wall with a black and white pattern
26 Adorable DIYs for Cats + Cat Lovers
the interior of a modern home with white walls and wooden shelves
an electrical device with three wires connected to each other and labeled in the diagram below
🔨 How to make a Rope Swing | BuildEazy
there is a cat bed in the middle of this room with shelves on the wall
Flat Cat
Flat Cat on Behance
a cat climbing on the top of a scratching post in a living room next to a tv
Another Must-Have Cat Scratcher: The Hicat Climbing System - Paperblog
Uquie cat climbers pics | Another Must-Have Cat Scratcher: The Hicat Climbing System - I really really really wouldn't mind having a floor-to-ceiling scratching post for my babies. >_>
two cats are sitting on shelves in a room with wood flooring and white walls
Cat house
cat climbing toys
two cats are sitting in their kennels and one cat is standing on the floor
30+ DIY Catio Ideas That Are Totally Pawsome
30+ DIY Catio Ideas That Are Totally Pawsome - PetHelpful