Veronika Hanušová

Veronika Hanušová

Veronika Hanušová
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48 Ways How to Reuse Your Old T Shirt  This will probably come in handy. Since for the 3rd consecutive summer, every shirt I like the style/color of is completely see-through, and that's not gonna fly....will be making my own!

DIY: Corseted White T-Shirt or What to Do with the BF’s old T-shirts. Would be cuter to do this in the back! Make it look like a corset!

Paper Feather Tutorial

These feathers are very simple and would make a fun craft project for kids. Simply print my template onto you choice of paper colors or printed papers

So pretty. :) I would love to wear them. haha

Yrgna the Flea Bitten - Gnoll Warlock - Cosplay Sleeves: brilliant idea. Pearl Pearl Pearl Liu Jolivet Worms I could see you using this for your costumes