Simple origami steamer ship For summer indoor entertainment craft idea for older kids

Start of School year writing activity/diagnostic. Students draw themselves and draw what they did this summer in their glasses, then write a short paragraph explaining their summer vacation.

How to Make a an Upcycled CD and Ribbon Jellyfish Craft

Summer is the perfect season for creating ocean themed art. Learn how to make a colorful upcycled CD and ribbon jellyfish craft.

"Koi Joi - Blue Koi Pond Orange Fish Art Print" Art Prints by Sharon Cummings

Moving Paper Plate Porthole Craft

PAPER PLATE PORTHOLE CRAFT - a fantastic ocean craft for kids that love pirates and mermaids. This interactive moving paper plate craft is so fun! Wiggle the handle to make the ocean scene bob up and down like real waves! An exciting Summer craft for kids

DaWanda has a large range of crafting tutorials so that you can give your trinkets that extra special touch.