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Notre-Dame Cathedral of Reims - Light Show for 800th Anniversary

Cathedral of Notre Dame de Reims , Rheims, France. Shown: The Light Show celebrating its Anniversary. Notre Dame de Rheims is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture where Kings of France were crowned

Sur le blog d'un professeur d'arts plastiques, la présentation de Supermarket shopper de Duane Hanson.

cavetocanvas: “Duane Hanson, Supermarket Shopper, 1970 In this creepily realistic sculpture, Hanson critiques middle America and consumerism. The woman depicted is not idealized in any way, and.

Dorothy IANNONE "Vision"

Dorothy Iannone: Mother And Child, 1980

Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago, Atmospheres She makes her offering; she is the offering; burned and purified. *Most importantly original badass artist and co-founder of Womanhouse

Veronika Bromova  Fotografia na świecie: Czechy

Veronika Bromova Fotografia na świecie: Czechy

Joseph Beuys

Marina Abramović Seven Easy Pieces: Joseph Beuys, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, 1965 Seven hours of performance for seven days at Guggenheim Museum, NY