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(8.2) The Evolution of Wifi

The Wi-Fi Evolution [Infographic]

Выкройки золотой эпохи Голливуда (трафик)

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A Basic Enterprise LAN Network Architecture - Block Diagram and Components.

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The latest technology to be developed for communication data over long distances is fiber optic cables. These highly advanced cables use beams of light to transfer information as quickly as possible. However, there has been a new development in fiber optics recently. Lit fiber has been the standard for many years, but dark fiber is replacing it.

What Is Dark Fiber? Winning the Battle of the Bandwidth [Infographic]

LAN Topology Diagram

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Today's processors are made largely out of silicon. And while processors have shrunk and become more efficient over the years, there's a limit to silicon technology. The latest Ivy Bridge processors are built using a 22nm manufacturing process, where transistor elements on the chip are a mere 22nm in size. And according to chip giant Intel, they believe they can bring this down to 5nm in the next few years, but beyond that, a new approach to chipmaking is required.

IBM brings carbon nanotubes a step closer to usurping silicon

Photomicrograph of IBM Holey Optochip, IBM crea un chip óptico que transfiere datos a 1 Terabit por segundo (1Tbps).

IBM Research has a board on cognitive computing. In this pin is a photomicrograph of IBM Holey Optochip, and a description of the novel approach used to create it.