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fantasy art.

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social justice.

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i speak for the trees, bees, and seas.

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witchy vibes.

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a painting of a naked woman with a snake around her neck and hands on her hips
Lilith de John Collier (1889)
a drawing of a woman sitting in the water holding a moon above her head and looking up at the sky
Full moon, moon magic
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of trees with leaves on them
Hades and Persephone just bein' cuuuute
a woman is sitting in the water with her hands on her head and clothes hanging up to dry
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a woman in a dress is walking down a path with her arms outstretched and the moon above her head
a painting of a woman with white hair and tattoos on her back, standing in front of a cityscape
shadowrun, Tatiana Hordiienko
a painting of a woman in a green dress holding her hands out to the moon
Moon Witch by Maria Makovetskaya
a statue of a woman with her hands in her hair
FERDINANDO ANDREINI | LA BAGNANTE (THE BATHER) | 19th and 20th Century Sculpture | Sculpture | Sotheby's