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two paintings with animals painted on them in different colors and sizes, one is white and the other is blue
Watercolor Painting Ideas 32 Easy Art Projects! - How Wee Learn
"DIY watercolor silhouette. This would be a fun project to do with letter stickers. Stickers on first then paint, dry, and remove stickers."
a person holding up a piece of paper with a fingerprint on it that looks like a tree ring
Tree of Life Poster
tree print. I like this print because it reminds me of one of my most favorite movies the Lion King.
a drawing of a woman with long hair and earrings
Cool Names for Classy Ladies 2013 #red #lipstick
four different types of art work hanging from the ceiling
Fun & Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
Toilet Paper Roll Crafts--I saved my first empty toilet paper roll this morning!
an image of some art work being done on the screen with text that reads 26 find a better use for credit cards via angela anderson art
Art Overload Friday
Previous pinner said: "My favorite lesson! I do this with my 4th grade and they all turn out amazing!"
a poster with different colors and patterns on it
Watercolor Tutorial by Loonaki on DeviantArt
great watercolor techniques
peanut butter cookie brownie cups in a muffin tin
The TipToe Fairy | Dallas / Ft. Worth mom blog full of crafty tutorials, delicious recipes, and reviews for books worth reading.
Peanut Butter Cookie Brownie Cups | The TipToe Fairy
an acrylic painting of a tree with swirls and stars in the night sky
The Paint Bar - Get Ready To Paint, Drink, And Be Merry
Starry Funky Winter Tree Painting - Jackie Schon, The Paint Bar
a deer's head is drawn on top of a piece of paper
@Mimi B. Hanna - I bet you could make something like this! The print they offer for $20 is only 7x10 - I think at least 8.5x11 but even bigger would be nice. I like the all-black design
a drawing of a cat sitting on top of a stack of books with the letter e
CyBeRGaTa - Mostly Cats, New Mexico & Memes
<3 Do a drawing using every other line of the paper . . . Lizard coming through the blinds? Snake? Possibilities!!!
an array of snowflakes are shown in red and white
Inspirativní.cz - Nákupy, inspirace, kreativní nápady, magazín
snowflake templates - love these - so pretty
a drawing of different types of eyes
Hello ~ Eye, nose and lip tutorial! It's in the shadows ~ Have fun!
the process of painting flowers with acrylic paint
15 Plastic Bottles DIY Ideas – a Second Life | Design DIY Magazine. Add magnets to the flowers for the fridge