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the ceiling in an office has planets and stars on it
50+ Galaxy-Themed Birthday Party Decorations & Ideas
50+ Galaxy-Themed Birthday Party Decorations & Ideas to Pull off an Amazing Party 46
two pictures of scissors being used to cut holes in the paper cup and place them on top of each other
DIY Luminaries For Winter Solstice - Little Bins for Little Hands
an astronaut in a silver toy car on top of a blue cloth covered tablecloth
a space themed wall in an office with two telescopes and planets on the wall
a space themed room with a rocket ship and other items on the floor in front of it
How to create a Space themed immersive learning location
a classroom filled with lots of desks and lights on the ceiling above them,
44 Out of This World Space-Themed Classroom Ideas
Space-Themed Classroom Ideas That Are Out of This World
a black wall with yellow stars on it
Create constellations as part of your hallway or room designs. Use either black plastic sheeting or bulletin board paper. Use the words, Jesus, God and the Power Launcher phrases. Create the key words using markers, tape, gold pens, and metallic paper. Add star cut-outs along with clip art from the Decorating and Publicity CD-ROM.
a computer sitting on top of a metal box
a child's photo is placed on the side of a rocket ship shaped playground structure
A play rocket that I made from two 55 gallon drums, a paper cone and MDF wings held on with lattice channel.
there is a red liquid in the cup with a rocket fuel stick sticking out of it
Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 17 of 24
Rocket fuel drink idea for space themed birthday party!