7 Extremely Useful Websites for Disabled Travelers    Disabled travel has been…

7 Extremely Useful Websites for Disabled Travelers

7 Extremely Useful Websites for Disabled Travelers Disabled travel has been made an awful lot easier as the world has become more aware of the challenges non-able body people face in …ΑΤΟΜΑ ΜΕ ΕΙΔΙΚΕΣ ΑΝΑΓΚΕΣ,

Getting Paraplegics Back On Their Feet

Getting Paraplegics Back on Their Feet. Ekso Bionics, a company in Berkeley California, is developing an exoskeleton that can help paraplegics stand and walk with a prototype of a personal mobility device.

Kefty Wheelchair Workout and Best New Wheelchair Exercises.

Designed for limited mobility and wheelchair users. Both resistance and aerobic exercise in one. 2012 Award winner of Best New Medical or Healthcare Device &.

Paraplegic Abdominal Exercises

Paraplegic Abdominal Exercises

For paraplegics who use a wheelchair, basic workouts can be difficult because of movement limitations and restricted access to exercise equipment. You may already require assistance from someone to do everyday activities. Upper-body exercise is vital, how

Paraplegic Floor Transfer

Paraplegic Floor Transfer, Transfer wheelchair to floor and back, Floor to Wheelchair Transfer, Wheelchair How To: Floor Transfer - How to get On/Off the ground complete paraplegic), How To: Transfer from Floor to Chair

Inclusive Yoga: A Practice for Individuals with a Spinal Cord Injury…

Yoga brings together the physical and mental to create a peaceful, relaxed body and mind. It helps to manage stress and anxiety while increasing flexibility,.

Gymnast’s Miracle Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury

Gymnast’s Miracle Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury. It takes some work to get into, but the smile on the face with the walking motion is PRICELESS.

Wheelchair Measuring Guide wheelchairs disability powerchairs manualchairs

Buying a wheelchair is a significant investment. If you’re wondering how to buy a wheelchair, this article will help you avoid some basic missteps.

Adaptive Nicole - YouTube

This video link features "Adaptive Nicole", a licensed OT, who taped this helpful guide when she was still in OT school. In the video, she demonstrates modifications such as the hand controls on her car, as well as her exercise stepper.

MAX Mobility - Propulsion Training 101

Great video to show SCI survivors. Propelling a WC properly is key to preserving upper limb function

Spinal cord injury rehabilitation

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation (Contemporary Perspectives in Rehabilitation)