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four different colored wool coasters with small flowers and branches painted on the top one
Cottage core style berets by Emma Astle
a brown knitted hat with colorful mushrooms on it
a white knitted hat with embroidered flowers and bugs on it, sitting on top of sunflowers
a woman's hand is holding an orange shirt with butterflies on it
Hand embroidery patterns | Crochet Pattern
three mushrooms sticking out of the back pocket of a pair of pants with buttons on them
Embroidered mushrooms 🍄
several pictures of different types of ladybugs on blue fabric, including one with black and red stripes
Комментарии к теме
a blue and green dragonfly sitting on top of a white pillow with stitching
a close up of a piece of cloth with a bug on it's back
Broderikurser og workshops i frihåndsbroderi | Karen Marie
a bird sitting on top of a spool of thread
an embroidered bird sitting on top of a piece of fabric
two white sheep standing on top of a grass covered field next to yellow and white flowers
an instagram page with flowers on it