Hanka Ortová

Hanka Ortová

Hanka Ortová
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Here's a great way to keep kindling off the ground, easily accessible and neatly stacked through the fall for those cool evenings around the fire with friends and family; Place a in a cinderblock (both sides as pictured) and stack kindling tinder neatly.

DIY Barrel Bale Feeder - petdiys.com

Plastic garbage can with the flip up handles to make filling hay bags. We use granite screenings in our stalls over which we put restaurant grade anti fatigue rubber mats that have holes in them.

Automatic Pig waterer How we built this self waterer using a 55 gallon drum and a water nipple.

How we set up our automatic pig waterer with a pig nipple drinker. Using a food grade 55 gallon drum and a nipple.