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Fishing cake - This was a straight copy from another CC user so many thanks for their fantastic idea and design. This was for my father in law who loves fishing. All edible apart from the sticks in the reads.

Si, tu misma puedes hacerlo; pregunta por el Método Wilton.

Have a hoot and transform the Wilton Bear Cake into an Owl’s Nest Fun Fest Cake.

Gâteau hibou / Owl Cake

Owl cake// Feathers: rice paper, beak and talons: caramel, eyes: gummy candies--Harry Potter bday perhaps

Spring Cake  and Cupcake Decorating Ideas _05

The Little Owl Violinist Yesterday was my goddaughter niece birthday. So, I had to do something special… she loves owls.

Owl cake fan share. Visit our blog for links and more owl inspiration.

Chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate ganache, with chocolate cake pop owls. Original idea by Cupcake and Dreams.