Jingle Bell Dance

This is an awesome DANCE - Jingle Bell Dance (w tutorial) OMG! Thank you Chad! We are adding the DCE version to our "dance list" this year!

11178205_363003207239490_5142802059612862477_n.jpg (600×916)

Svatba se musí brát i s humorem :) - Album uživatelky - Foto 30

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Just Dance Kids 2 - Crocodile Rock

Just Dance Kids 2 - Crocodile Rock - Perfect for transitions/Brain Breaks - I'm going to use this when we talk about greater than/less than with the alligator visuals.

Papoušek a oprav��ř.jpg (1166×1519)

Papoušek a oprav��ř.jpg (1166×1519)