Hanka Ševčíková

Hanka Ševčíková

Hanka Ševčíková
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Invisible Shoes Barefoot Running Sandal

Custom-made Invisible Shoes barefoot running sandals that I keep it in pocket when running barefoot.

Pinterest Facebook Google+ reddit StumbleUpon Tumblr These slippers look gorgeous on your feet, furthermore they fit both a rustic home design and a contemporary or minimalist one. You will need: leather/felt; Scissors Marker; Sewing machine. Directions: Use the pattern that you see in the pictures Measure the length and the width of your shoe sole Take

Share Your Best Sewing Patterns, Tips, Techniques and Ideas. Have you ever spoke with a person about sewing and encountered a term that you really did not understand? Just like other crafts, stitching.

wall organizer from denim pockets.

These 12 denim DIY home decor ideas for up cycling jeans. these make me want to re-do my whole world (forever) in blue jeans! Idea - Stitch, hot-glue, or stitch-witch jean pockets to a rectangular piece of denim and hang it from a dowel over your desk.