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Scans from the german magazine "handarbeit" from 1981

20 - Fashionable accessories Blouses - Drawn thread works are a staple of slovakian folk art. They can be found not only on males and females costumes.

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13 - Embroidery from Slovakia

03 - Old embroidery techniques on new materials - Satin stitch is characterized by harmonious colors and interlocked flat passes. This results in a painterly appearance. This old technique was the inspiration for the flowery design of this round tablecloth. Any material with a smooth surface can be used.

04 - Old embroidery techniques on new materials - Those art-nouveau ornaments are embroidered in a linear style. A synthetic blend has been used for both models. If you want to embroider a linear motif on light web you should use the stem stitch with 3 threads. Chain stitches with bead yarn is better for heavy weaves.

05 - Old embroidery techniques on new materials - The drawings for these ornaments can be transferred with a (trace/copy/pause).

06 - Old embroidery techniques on new materials - It does not always has to be linen or cotton. Many old stitches work as well on modern materials. We found a textile called Voile on the marketplace (and since the marketplace of the GDR does not exist anymore, this textile is probably not available anymore...)

07 - Old embroidery techniques on new materials - It is weaved lightly, is partly synthetic and is similar to transparent batiste. The holes for the eyelet embroidery are prepared with a puncher. It's also possible to use a sharp stick.

08 - Embroidery from Slovakia

09 - Embroidery from Slovakia - I regret the decision to translate all those texts...

10 - Embroidery from Slovakia - Textile techniques from Slovakia are very diverse. Even tody embroidery is still appealing, besides printing and weaving.