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a black and white drawing of a woman with curly hair
a drawing of a woman holding a cat in her arms and wearing a purple hat
a woman sitting on a bean bag chair holding a cat
Güzel kızım
a black cat sitting on top of books with a cup of coffee in front of it
Moletinho Books, Cats And Coffee
Nas montanhas de Minas Gerais faz frio e arte! Aqui em nosso estúdio, produzimos artesanalmente nossa linha inverno, feita em malha soft com 88% algodão e 12% poliéster. Para a estampa, pintamos com tinta a base d'água e com padrão de cores exclusivo, feito à mão.
a woman sitting on top of a table next to a cat and two kittens
the woman is walking with her cat and holding a purse in one hand while another walks behind her
there is a cat that is holding a coffee cup
a painting of a woman kissing a cat on the nose with another cat standing behind her
a basket full of sunflowers sitting in the grass
Цветы, осень
a red flower in the middle of some tall grass