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a white card with a flower on it and some purple flowers next to the card
Relief plaster casts of flowers and interesting objects made into wall plaques
two hands touching each other in front of a white sculpture that looks like they are hugging
a close up of a person's hand wearing a white dress and holding onto the back of a mannequin
a black and white drawing of a zebra's head
Ink Zebra Design
a white square with wavy lines on the surface in front of a white wall and floor
an abstract painting hangs on the wall next to a white vase and small rock sculpture
a white square object with wavy lines on the front and back side, mounted on a wall
an open door with a balloon flying in the sky above it and another object on the ground
Cena com Ovo. by Marcel Caram | Redbubble
two hands holding a tree with leaves on the ground
Power of mentalism | Dealings On Net
a painting of a man walking in the desert with a bunch of grapes hanging from his head
Marcel Caram
a drawing of trees on top of a hill
Artista combina perfeitamente elementos inesperados em fotos surreais brilhantes