Hana Sebestikova

Hana Sebestikova

Hana Sebestikova
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Power poles. Iceland. So cool.

Travel: Iceland - Land Of Giants, awesome human-like and reindeer-like electric poles!This cool company flawlessly transformed regular and boring electrical pylons into creative parts of the Icelandic landscape." ExPress-O

Most Crazy | most crazy photos 2013 man and goat the real friendship picture goat ...

GOATS ON BICYCLES IN AFRICA~Interesting site of bicycle transportation & modifications in Africa.Ha, this is a goaty back, or a goat piggy back, lol!

Always wear a helmet

Always wear a helmet ( but you do have to check that no concrete is still in the wheelbarrow first ! Otherwise you will be wearing that metal helmet a very long time or pull out your hair removing the set concrete when you get home tonight mate 😱👍

Tall.Very Tall. More

look at the 3 light colored dots on the left of the pile.they repeat