Strawberry tower made from fence boards

Vertical strawberry tower made from fence boards. could also grow lettuces, arugula, spinach, herbs, etc. Uses way less dirt than a pallet garden!

How to make vertical strawberry tube planters

I am always looking for ways to fit more into our backyard garden. Strawberry garden - Vertical gardening saves space by growing upwards which keeps plant off the ground and out of reach from a lot of insects that can harm the plant

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Gardening with kids. Kids Garden projects for spring and summer. Make DIY garden projects kid ideas

Think I can handle this project first = Home-Dzine - Recycled projects that the kids can do in a weekend

DIY Birdfeeder made from your favorite Apple & Eve juice bottle.

Domácí pleveložrout - bez chemie! | Články | PEČENĚ-VAŘENĚ

No need to buy chemical weedkiller anymore! Instead, use this natural weedkiller!

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Halloween stammt von „All Hollows Eve(-ning)“.

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These Plastic Bottle Hedgehog Planters are super cute and a great recycle.