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Present simple tense is easy to teach but you must do it well. there are several games, interactive quizzes, a song and vocabulary to teach this grammar.

Science Interactive Notebooks

Your Free Guide to Interactive Science Notebook Output

Science Interactive Notebooks - could be an Indonesian/English wordlist, antonyms/synonyms, word order practice, revision cards.

Worksheets: Awesome Anatomy: Eye See

Awesome Anatomy: Eye See

CWS lesson 21 This Awesome Anatomy coloring page is all about the human eye, and makes a handy study tool as well!

Fourth Grade Life Science Worksheets: Food Chain Pyramid Worksheet

Food Chain Pyramid

BFSU Food Chains and Adaptations Worksheets: Food Chain Pyramid-wildlife conservation belt loop

Kitchen Safety Worksheet

Lots of worksheets for common objects/ categories (colors, shapes, kitchen, bathroom) sped students accommodation