žiovotní cyklus motýl

mw best one Hands down the best video I've been able to find on the butterfly life cycle. Growing Up Butterfly Witness the lifecycle of a monarch butterfly - from egg to pupa to adult.

koloběh vody-video

Kids write or tell a partner what is happening in the water cycle. CUTE, Cute, cute clip for teaching the water cycle!

Phases of the moon

Lunar phase or phases of moon indicates the illuminated portion of the moon which a person observes from the earth.The revolution of moon around earth makes .



oběh Země a měsíce

Create your own model to show how the Earth orbits the Sun while the moon travels around the Earth. Great manipulative to help explain the concept. Identify and describe characteristics of the sun, Earth and moon as familiar objects in the solar system.

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chick hatching video on youtube

Ei Ostern This is perfect for the classroom. Chick hatching video for Easter and or Spring.

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Water cycle for kids poster nteractive water-cycle diagram New! Our interactive diagram allows you to "mouse around" the parts of the water cycle and view explanations, pictures, and more online. The diagram is available for three levels of students.


Our little baby chickens hatching - Caramel our hand reared little muttly chicken has been sitting on six pure light Sussex fertilized eggs - and today they .

Zvuky domácích zvířat / Zvuky hospodářských zvířat - YouTube

Zvuky domácích zvířat / Zvuky hospodářských zvířat - YouTube