This site has everything you can make for dogs, not just clothes. I'd love to dress my dogs but my husband says the dogs would be embarrassed!

Drawing showing where to take measurements for dog clothing Free Sewing Patterns Dog Clothes - part two

14 Cute Dog Clothes Tutorials | Shelterness

Use the same method for goat coats from - Sew DoggyStyle: DIY Pet Coat Pattern This may be a good sewing project.

dog harness pattern free - Google Search

Summary: Large dog coats are for dogs which are considered large while the small coats are for the smaller dogs. Large dog coats are made with one objective;

Canine Carhartt Coat for Your Pal! : Interlude: Coat Pattern

Canine Carhartt Coat for Your Pal!

Picture of Interlude: Coat Pattern to be made from human Carhartt coat or similar