Hana Hunčovská

Hana Hunčovská

Hana Hunčovská
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Yoga pose \ inversion practice: How to do Plow Pose (with video!)

This is one of my favorite feel-good yoga poses because it offers a full body stretch from the head to the toes (literally). How to do Plow Pose - Halasana

Pin now, practice later! Common mistakes in Dancer's pose.

There are a lot of things I'm happy to do for you all, my friends. Nearly breaking my wrists to show improroper crow pose form, check. Facing my fears of being up close and personal talking on camera for a vlog, check. But I have to draw the line somewher

This Simple Exercise Will Greatly Improve Your Posture & Relieve Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, it's probably due to bad posture and sitting hunched over at a computer desk all day. Correcting your posture can greatly reduce this pain.