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yellow and purple flowers line the side of a sidewalk
sidewalk, side yard, front yard, less grass, flowe...
purple and green color palettes with bluebells, sagels, and other plants
stachys, melissa, iris, linum, salvia
some white flowers and grass in a garden
Gardens in White
the color scheme is purple and green with red flowers in it, along with other colors
iris, penstemon, gypsophila, papaver, sanguisorba
the color palette is green, yellow, purple, and white with some flowers in it
allium, coreopsis, stipa, artemisia, euphorbia
the garden is full of white flowers and green plants with words above them that read jardin blancc
Style et inspiration
White Garden: Dahlia "lady Liberty'; Agastache rugosa 'Alabaster'; Hydrangea paniculata 'Great Star'; Clematis "Guernsey Cream'; Digitalis purpurea 'Alba'; Phlox panicualta 'Fujiyama'; Hakonechloa macra 'All Gold'; Lysimachia nummularia aurea; Phlox paniculat 'Jade'; Crinium 'Powellii Blanc'; Zantedexchia aethiopica; Carex musk. 'Little Midge'.
a collage of different types of flowers and plants with names in each section on the image
Inspiration Rose - Mauve - Pourpre
Inspiration Rose - Mauve - Pourpre
an image of flowers in the garden labeled with their names and description for each flower
Tuin en Landschap - Hortipoint
the color palette is green, purple, and white with some pink flowers in it