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the parts of a boy on a skateboard with spanish words in english and spanish
Diversos poster para decorar el aula y aprender: Los meses, días, etc
Teach your kids the parts of their bodies in Spanish!
the words in spanish are arranged on a white sheet with pink border and text below
the spanish poster shows different types of boats
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Acciones habituales - Infografía .x.r.
the spanish worksheet for children to learn how to say ser o estar
Free Spanish worksheets: SER O ESTAR. For some of these, either ser or estar would work depending on the context of use. You could have kids write a note about how the message changes based on which verb is used.
an image of a movie poster with the words,'what do you think? '
Spanish Movie Worksheets
This product contains 3 student worksheets that can be completed while viewing and Spanish film or documentary. There is a new vocabulary worksheet, a theme and character analysis worksheet, and a worksheet to rate the movie.
a ukulele sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white wall
40+ Authentic and Easy Spanish Songs for Beginner Classes
Authentic Songs for My Spanish I Class- a list of more than 40 authentic and…
the spanish menu for an event
Acentuación en español
Reglas #acentuación (diptongos, hiatos, diacrítica)
the names of different types of toothbrushes in black and white, with orange - red
Colors in Spanish: All Colors -
Colors in Spanish: All Colors -
the words in spanish are made up of different colors and shapes, with smiley faces on them
Contenidos educativos y culturales para niños: aplicaciones móviles, fichas y recursos.
Tarjetas educativas: emociones en español e inglés - Spanish vocabulary for emotions #Spanish #languages #expressions #spanish #idioms #learning If you find this info graphic useful, please share, like or pin it for your friends.
the spanish version of iguado naos anigos is shown in red, green and yellow
Caution: False Cognates Skinny Poster Spanish
Caution: False Cognates Skinny Poster Spanish, Posters: Teacher's Discovery
a yellow can with some white papers in it
can of questions-great for partner practice, update as new words/grammar is learned. Laminate the strips so they can easily be reused each class period.
a spanish poster with the words'el payaso'and an image of a car
ESL, Kindergarten, Spanish 1 Reading Comprehension Passages with (and) Questions
Very First Reading Comprehension Passages ~ Spanish Version ($)
a poster with different types of things to see in the world, including cars and people
Ser y estar