Kateřina Hamouzová

Kateřina Hamouzová

Kateřina Hamouzová
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Pottery Workshop w/Karen Lucid. Angel Ornaments .

Pottery - Someday when I have a kiln, I want to make these! Maybe I could make a version of these with super starched fabric (or fabric stiff with glue?

Pebble Art

Devil's Bridge, Germany. The bridge and its reflection make a perfect circle, regardless of the point of observation. pic.twitter.com/S6qlxsudGj via ‏@StrangePIaces

Devil's Bridge - If you ever get to Europe make sure to check this circle out. It's called "DIE RAKOTZBRÜCK ". This bridge reflect itself and makes the perfect circle no matter what side you look from. - Located in Germany.

Bottle Irrigation Tomato Plant #gardening #irrigation #petbottle #upcycle

Tomato plants like deep watering. Why waste water when you can make a simple reservoir delivery system. The photo says it all. Tomato plants like deep watering.