Halucina Lachtanová

Halucina Lachtanová

Halucina Lachtanová
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These People Take Beautiful Horses And Do Something Incredible With Their Coats http://www.wimp.com/shaving-patterns-into-horse/

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Axolotl The axolotl, also known as a Mexican salamander or a Mexican walking fish, is a neotenic salamander, closely related to the tiger salamander.

Colorful Bengals.

Colorful❤Wow, a cat like I saw in my dream is in this photo, the one that is white with silver outlined spots. I sure was surprised to see it, didn't know such a cat was real!

oh my god. oh my god oh my god.

I would like to see this taxidermist picture of this poor dead fox and dead rabbit stop being pinned. To glorify an animals death is sad. We would never do this to a human for the sake of art. Please end the pinning of this picture.

Original Abstract Acrylic Painting Canvas Roots Tree Owl Silhouette Metallic Pewter Bronze White Gold Owls Branch Leaves Grey Tan Cream

Great use of metallics and neutrals! Roots Tree Owl Silhouette Metallic Pewter, Bronze champagne Gold and Owls Branch Leaves Grey Tan Cream