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an old castle in the middle of a green field with trees and mountains behind it
Sergey Silkin (@sergey_silkin) / Twitter
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an old castle in the middle of some trees
Medieval castle in Germany Wow!
an aerial view of a castle on top of a cliff
Bled Castle, Slovenia
Bled Castle, Slovenia
an old castle sitting on top of a lake next to a lush green forest under a cloudy sky
Mespelbrunn Castle
Schloss Mespelbrunn - Mespelbrunn Castle is a beautiful medieval moated castle situated between Frankfurt and Würzburg, Germany
a castle with red flowers in the foreground and green bushes on either side, against a blue sky with white clouds
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Hluboka Castle in the Czech Republic.
an old castle perched on top of a cliff surrounded by trees and greenery under a cloudy sky