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a wooden table topped with candles and fall leaves
50+ Fall Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Autumn Season
an umbrella made out of leaves sitting in the grass next to a tree and sidewalk
All the fall wedding accessories you want • Offbeat Wed (was Offbeat Bride)
a wreath with orange flowers and green leaves hangs on a door handle, in front of a black wooden door
Home Decor and Entertaining Pins
a carved pumpkin sitting on top of a cement floor next to the ocean and sky
3d Set Jack-o-lanterns Jack Model
Jack Skelington Jack O' Lantern
some paper bats that are hanging from the ceiling and being cut out to make them look like they're ready for halloween
Halloween Kids' Craft: Hanging Foam Bats
Cute DIY hanging bats. Make them out of black craft foam so they hold up on rainy days too!
this is an easy and fun diy halloween craft for kids to make with toilet paper
Lolly Pop Ghosts
These lolly pop ghosts are SO CUTE! They're super easy and make a fun treat for a Halloween party or to send to school on Halloween!
pumpkins that have been carved to look like jack - o'- lanterns
30 Easy Fall Snacks and Halloween Treats
Easy fall snacks that will help you make the most of the season without taking up too much of your time! Great for fall lunches, or fall classroom parties!