free printables for all 13 LDS Articles of Faith - hang them up at home to help with memorization!

LDS Articles of Faith free printables

free printables for all 13 LDS Articles of Faith - great way to help kids with memorization! These would also make a fun family Christmas gift.

tabla multiplicar 8

Tady máte jednoho SLONÍKA který vám ukazuje násobilku neváhejte a jděte do…

tabla multiplicar 10

Displaying multiplication tables in a colorful way can help with learning the tables. This poster does just that with times tables bordered by multi-colored

I L-O-V-E making anchor charts with my students.  We make them for everything and anything.  Sometimes I make them just to show off my awesome drawing skills to my students.  Okay, that one isn’t true. I’m always jealous of the awesome anchor charts I see on Pinterest that have fabulous drawings. I can’t draw – at all! …

Easy and Cheap Anchor Chart Display