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Gebirgsjager, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Time for cigarette

Un "Unteroffizier" "Gebirgsjäger" allemand lors d'une pause cigarette

World War II in pictures

German soldiers clean their weapons, Stalingrad, Autumn 1942

Gebirgsjager, pin by Paolo Poop Stain Marzioli

German veteran mountain troopers (Gebirgsjäger) in a trench near the town of Nikopol, Ukraine

Famous photo of the Gebirgsjäger from 3. Gebirgs-Division in a battlefield trench in Nikopol, Ukraine, December 1943.

Notice the Iron Cross Class and the Infantry Assault Badge in Silver pinned to his uniform.

A German Gebirgsjäger in Nikopol, Ukraine (December 1943), colorized by Alexander Christensen, pin by Paolo Marzioli

ostfeldzug: “ Gebirgsjäger from the Gebirgs Division in Nikopol, Ukraine, December Colorized by Alexander Christensen ”

Group of Fallschirmjägers

the palace of Frederick the Great in Potsdam.

SS Fj Battaillon 500/600

SS Fj Battaillon pin by Paolo Marzioli


Fallshirmjager - pin by Paolo Marzioli


Fallshirmjager, pin by Paolo Marzioli